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8 Inches EVA Wheel
8" plastic eva foaming wheel

8" plastic EVA wheel - 200D

8 inches EVA foaming wheel (8 inches plastic light weight trolley wheel)

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We are high quality EVA Wheel manufacturer. This wheel is our new design which is popular worldwide. Wheel center rim can have powder-coated style.
Item No. : 200D.
Material: EVA tyre and PP center.
Size: 198-203 mm.
Width: 36-38 mm.
Weight: 280 g.
Hardness: 60-65.
With standard ball bearing: 608Z (8mm)

Suitable wheel for various baby & children vehicle using, for others many different kind of vehicle using, which is wheel for multi-purpose.
We are capable to supply various size of eva foaming wheel to customer different solution need.
All wheel made in Taiwan with virgin/recyclable material and meet with ROHS & REACH regulation.
center hub with standard ball bearing 608Z (8mm)
198-203 mm