Magalish Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Magalish Enterprise Co., Ltd founded in 1981, is a well-known professional EVA wheels manufacturer to OEM and ODM customers in the domestic and oversea markets. We produce a variety of high-quality EVA wheels for different applications and mainly focus on baby strollers, baby joggers, baby tricycles, heath care carts, and shopping carts. Magalish’s products have been exported to over 20 countries distributing in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, and Middle-East, and passed different countries’ safety regulations including nontoxic tests. We insist on using pure materials to the products without any used mixtures so that Magalish derives the fame of supplying reliable products from many worldwide leading companies in the past 25 years. As a leading professional EVA wheels manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan, we have an excellent reputation in the wheel-related fields. We are always ready to serve customers in providing quality products, design, competitive price and precise delivery with professional R&D, and integrated production facilities and systems. We are not only to implement new production technologies but also to apply the innovation of product design to meet customers’ requirements and market trends. “Customers are always our concerns.” is our principal philosophy. We are always ready to serve customers and you are welcome to contact us whenever you have any questions.


Magalish企業有限公司。 一直是領先的供應商 EVA輪圈EVA輪胎EVA泡沫輪 自1981年以來一直面向獨立和國家培訓機構。此外,我們專注於創新,以幫助用戶更輕鬆,更精確地製作傑作。 Magalish企業有限公司。EVA輪圈 設計和製造時要考慮易用性和成本效益。我們質量可靠的產品範圍和以客戶為中心的方法幫助我們在市場上為自己樹立了利基。

  • 氣動橡膠輪
  • PU輪
  • rollator輪部件
  • 4-5英寸的EVA輪
  • 6英寸的EVA輪
  • 7英寸的EVA輪
  • 8英寸的EVA輪
  • 10英寸的EVA輪
  • EVA推車車輪上/ 12英寸以上
  • 其他零部件及配件
自1981年以來, Magalish企業有限公司。 一直是專業的領先提供商 EVA輪圈EVA輪胎EVA泡沫輪 直接面向消費者。我們的工作致力於通過鼓舞人心的創新解決方案創造進步,並建立對我們的客戶和合作夥伴具有共同利益的可信賴的伙伴關係。 用 EVA輪圈 ,客戶將因其高性能而節省更多時間和金錢。請完整填寫表格,以便我們在最短的時間內回复您。